Mission: Helping the world get to know itself: Ethically setting new standards in the digital assessment of psychological and service variables.

For over a decade Symplex Information Solutions have harnessed emerging information technologies to continuously improve the assessment and measurement of psychological variables.

Symplex’s pioneering work has included the development of innovative techniques for examining, quantifying and interpreting the cognitive, behavioural, and emotional aspects of individual functioning and experience.

The appreciation of such psychological assessment (psychometrics) is now widespread and assessment has proven invaluable to society across an array of sectors; for example:

  • occupational assessment (e.g. matching the right person to the right task/job)
  • clinical assessment (e.g. screening, diagnostics, and formulation in psychological disorders)
  • educational assessment (e.g. adaptive testing, blended learning)
  • scientific research aimed at increasing our collective understanding of human behaviour and mental processes

Going beyond the individual, Symplex have more recently extended their expertise to the development of tools and techniques for assessing and improving organisational and team performance. This includes the development of service-metrics which provide organisations with quality, safety, and performance intelligence.

Additionally Symplex offer two related training programmes, one aimed at improving organisational culture and performance through the development of emotionally intelligent leaders and teams, the other is aimed at fostering organisational safety and quality by focusing on system-centric techniques of safety-incident investigation and prevention (Root Cause Analysis).

We are proud that many of our products are aimed at helping individuals who are experiencing significant distress.

Our products are typically available in various formats and our computerized formats always include features that add significant value over traditional formats.

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